Strawberries cocktail with citrus and fresh mint "Strawberry Dream"

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spring comes and we want as much energy, freshness and color as possible! nature renews and gives us a refreshing state of euphoria, a contrast between asthenia, dreaming, dynamism and the desire to start new things and to refresh the old ones.
now when you need a portion of vitality to cope with all the bold plans that you have, it's time to discover the flavour of nature: raw fruits and vegetables are your allies for rejuvenate. you will feel more supple and healthy .
start every morning with a smile and color your life with this great soft fruit cocktail!
-a banana
-2 mandarin
-an orange
-4 to 5 strawberries
-juice of half a lemon
-some leaflets of fresh mint
-sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax (optional)

wash fruit, cut them and toss them into the blender. add seeds if you wish. add a teaspoon of each variety. seeds bring an extra surplus of vitamins and minerals, making it an even more nutritious cocktail.

add a small cup of water and mint. mix well until it becomes a nectar.

serve immediately after preparing because nutrients in fruits lose their properties after more than five minutes of exposure to the environment.

the cocktail has an incredibly fresh aroma and the citrus with strawberry and mint mixt is absolutely seductive.