Stuffed mushrooms with peppers and garlic

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a perfect recipe for mushroom lovers: “stuffed mushrooms with peppers and garlic." it's fast, economical and very dietary!
being very appealing, you can use them as appetizers at parties. served with a spicy tomato sauce, baked stuffed mushrooms can be an interesting choice for a valentine's day menu (red color fits well with the theme).

-a few large mushrooms
-half a red pepper
-a few slices of garlic
-optional: tomato sauce with hot peppers and pepper

wash and clean the mushrooms, and keep the hats. sprinkle salt and pepper over them. fill them with chopped peppers and sliced garlic (less if it's a romantic dinner ;)).

bake them at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

remove them from the pan, place them on a platter.

serve warm or cold.

you may want to add cheese before baking.
serve with a sauce based on tomato and chili, or near a simple steak.

or you can serve near a baked assorted vegetable garnish.

bon appetit!