"Summer Fantasy" baked chicken with round zucchini, peppers and tomatoes

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in the summer, it is advisable to shorten the time near the stove as much as possible, so i suggest a nice recipe for baked chicken with vegetables. besides the fact that you have to wash and clean some vegetables, the only thing left to do is nothing but wait for the steak to be done. simple, right? :)

for the steak to be very tasty, it is ideal to put a glass of wine in the tray. it will give the chicken meat a special flavor and the spices will harmonize better.

the sauce will be very appealing because it will blend the flavors of vegetables, spices, wine and chicken legs, so in the end you will have a very balanced preparation and extremely flavorful.

i called the recipe "summer fantasy" because i wanted to play a bit with flavors and colors, and the result came out very neat and delicious, so i highly recommend it.

it all started with these "trophies" from the market (round zucchinis and purple peppers):

so, i greased a pan with olive oil, washed the chicken legs, i put them in the tray and i seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, thyme, oregano.

then i poured a glass of dry white wine. i chopped an onion and some garlic cloves and i sprinkled them over legs.

i finely chopped 3 bell peppers (yellow and purple), i cleared about 7 round zucchinis and distributed among the drumsticks.

finally, i poured a glass of tomato juice and a quarter cup of water.

before putting the tray in the oven i threw some colorful berries of pepper, a bay leaf and a little finely chopped fresh basil.

i covered the tray with aluminum foil and introduced it into the oven at 180 degrees.

after 45 minutes, i removed the foil.

i reintroduced the pan into the oven for another 30 minutes until the drumsticks were nicely browned.

after leaving for a few minutes to cool,

i sat them nicely on serving plates.

roast chicken has a super appetizing crust, very colorful and the zucchinis look very nice in this combination (and they are very good).

simple, isn't it?

enjoy your meal!