Summer salad with yoghurt sauce

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if you have people in your family who hardly eat any vegetables and consider themselves 'carnivores', then it's time for an extraordinary salad. bring out the grilled turkey slices, ham slices, wieners slices and anything else they would be convinced by to try, but sneak in also the fresh vegetables you have at home.
present the salad as elegant as possible; adding some delicious yoghurt sauce with dill, mint and garlic and ... it's possible that you convince them :)

-salad leafs
-1 big tomato
-1 cucumber
-1 spring onion
-1 bowl boiled green bean (cold)
-ham, chicken steak (turkey), grilled wieners
-for the sauce: yoghurt, mustard, garlic, lemon, dill, mint, salt, pepper
-olive oil (or a combination of olive oil and grape seeds oil)

wash and tear the salad. slice the tomato and the cucumbers. add the chopped spring onion and the boiled green bean. splash with lemon juice.

make the sauce: mix lemon sauce with minced dill and mint and grinded garlic. season with pepper and salt.

add some yoghurt scoops and a mustard teaspoon (i used green pepper mustard).

stir and it's done.

serve the salad and pour the sauce.

colored and tasty!