Swiss potatoes - Rosti

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one of the best known swiss recipes, the "rosti" potatoes, used to be only a heavier breakfast for the farmers in bern. today, everybody in switzerland considers this dish to be one of the traditional recipes, with multiple variations of the original recipe.

the common element for every "rosti" are the grated potatoes in butter. based on the regional preferences, several ingredients have been added: ham, cheese, onion, apples or herbs and fresh vegetables.

the "gruyere cheese rosti" is very tasty and is specific to the mountains area of gruyere where the most well-known swiss cheese is produced - the main ingredient of the swiss fondue.

- 8 medium potatoes
- butter
- 100 ml liquid sour cream
- 250 g gruyere cheese (you can use also some other cheese or yellow cheese)
- salt, pepper

grate the potatoes. heat up a spoon of butter.

fry the potatoes until they're almost done and become sticky as a pancake.

you can leave them like that, or you can fry them like a big pancake, this being the simple recipe.

the cheese version includes the grating of the potatoes. put the butter-fried potatoes in a pan anointed with butter. sprinkle them with a bit of sour cream.

cover them with grated gruyere cheese.

bake them in the oven at 200 degrees until the cheese melts and is nicely rudy.

when you serve them, you can place the tray directly on a metal support with candles to maintain the dish hot and the cheese melted.

the "rosti" potatoes are definitely not suited for a diet, but after a cold winter day, they go perfectly with white wine.

bon apetit!