Tart with ricotta and dried exotic fruits “Exotic sweet dream"

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one of the most elegant and attractive tart it’s the one with ricotta and exotic fruits. delicacy of ricotta cheese combined with flavoured exotic fruits (papaya, pineapple, coconut flakes, banana, mango, raisins) creates a refined and tempting cream.
an exotic dream it’s waiting for you to enjoy a little pampering time.
-a pack of tart pastry
-a package of ricotta
-200 gr mixed dried exotic fruits
-vanilla essence
-2 tablespoons brown sugar or fructose
-2 eggs
-grated orange peel

beat eggs and mix them with ricotta, sugar, vanilla essence and grated orange zest.

add the dried fruits.

place dough in pan, puncture it with a fork and then pour over the cheese composition.

bake at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

when brown, remove tart from oven and sprinkle almond flakes over it.

serve cold or at room temperature.

it is delicious. can even replace the traditional easter bread (for those who don’t have time for cooking).

her flavoured refreshing taste, with discreet nuances of vanilla brings a little pampering with every bite.

it is ideal for a romantic dessert or breakfast with coffee or orange juice.