Thai cucumber salad

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thai cuisine is one of the most colorful and healthy cuisines in asia. always surprising, asian cuisine spoils us with various spices mixes and fresh vegetables, each recipe having its specific flavor.

the thai cucumber salad is, as you can expect, very spicy because the hot peppers will not be left out. still, the vegetables and the vinegar and sugar sauce give it a very refreshing taste. this salad is served with "satay" (flavored skewers) and basmati rice.

- half cup of vinegar
- 4 tablespoons of sugar
- one spoon of salt
- one cucumber
- several halfs of peppers of different colors
- one hot thai pepper (or more, but be careful because they're very hot)
- one red onion
- one french onion (if you don't have one, then you can use green onion as well)

put the vinegar to boil, add the salt and the sugar. mix until they dissolve and let it cool.

cut the onion, the cucumber and the peppers.

mix all vegetables and add the vinegar sauce.

add the hot peppers (thinly sliced), mix and serve.

serve immediately in individual bowls with plenty vinegar sauce.

an unforgettable, fiery salad! it will surely help you digest better any kind of steak.

bon appetit!