Trout soup (fish soup soured with vinegar)

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considered a food-medicine by the chinese, the fresh trout is so delicious, that its consumption will bring you benefits to both health and figure not to mention at the psychological-emotional level. not only will enjoy the taste, but it is demonstrated that people who often eat fresh fish rich in omega 3, are very rarely depressed because it appears that these fatty acids help add myelin to the nerves, stimulating brain function and preventing degradation of cortical nerve center.

enjoy this recipe for fish soup, traditional in my family (where everyone loves the sea, fishing and cruises), because we are at sea.

- 2 large trouts
- a carrot
- a small celery or half of a large one
-2 onions
- a pumpkin
- a box of passed tomatoes
- a stalk of celery with leaves
- parsley and lovage
- salt, pepper, olive oil
- vinegar for souring
- a red pepper

wash the fish (which have been cleared in advance), cut them to average size pieces and let them in cold water until the soup is almost done. put the water to boil and add sliced onion and carrots.

then add celery: the root and chopped in cubes and the stem cut in slices.

mince the celery leaves and add them as well. boil the soup until vegetables are almost cooked (do not overdo it with cooking, we want to keep as many vitamins from the vegetables). add chunks of trout, washed and drained well.

trick: after you add the fish, do not mix in soup, not to break the fish chunks. along with trout, add the squash cubes cleaned and cut (and cook everything very quickly).

adjust the salt, add the passed tomatoes even let everything boil for about 3 minutes (the fish should not be boiled for too long because it's done pretty fast).

cut the red pepper in half and remove and seeds. add the hot pepper in the trout soup in the last minute of boiling.

stop the fire and cut the herbs (parsley and lovage).

add herbs and a tablespoon of olive oil in the soup (they give a very nice flavor), mix and serve.

this is a very tasty, nutritious and ... dietary soup. if you like it sour, you can add a little vinegar in the plate when serving.

bon appetite!