Veal Tongue With Mustard Sauce

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this simple, yet elegant appetizer is recommended every time you want to have a light dinner which is however both healthy and consistent. it's an ideal recipe for parties since it's more festive than the usual recipes, it's easy to prepare and you can make it almost instantly (if you have the tongue already boiled and cleaned).

it's ideal to use the veal tongue (since it's more tender and has no fat).

- one veal tongue
- 1-2 spoons of cheese cream (we used the multi-colored pepper variant)
- one spoon of mustard
- half a jar of sour cream (about 125 gr)
- salt
- pepper
- setting: salad leaves, cherry tomatoes

boil the veal tongue for about 2 hours until it softens (when you stick the fork in, it should go in without too much effort). then while the tongue is still warm, take out the peel. let it cool in the fridge and then cut it into thin slices.

here's how to prepare the sauce: mix the sour cream with the cheese cream and the mustard. add salt and pepper upon your taste.

decorate the tray with salad leaves. place the cold veal tongue slices on the tray and add the sour cream and mustard sauce over them .

decorate with half-cut cherry tomatoes.

enjoy the veal tongue with mustard sauce!